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Frequently Asked Questions
Q:Are my valuables secure from weather if the Mini is stored outside?
A:Yes. The Mini is weatherproof and designed for exterior use in extreme climates, both hot and cold.
Q:If I need to get something out of the Mini while itís in central storage, can I get to it?
A:Yes. We normally ask for four hours notice, but notice may not be required if someone is at the central storage site when you call.
Q:If I need some packing boxes or other moving accessories, do I have to go someplace to get them?
A:No. Let us know what you need when you call to reserve your Mini, and weíll deliver them with the Mini.
Q:How can I find out if keeping a Mini at my home or office is allowed?
A:Some homeowners associations and local ordinances limit the amount of time a Mini can be kept at your site. To be sure, contact your homeowners association and/or local code enforcement agency. Even in cases where limitations exist, allowances are generally made for you to accomplish your move with a Mini just like with any other mode for moving.
Q:How can I tell what size Mini to order?
A:It depends on how much stuff you have in the space you occupy. Generally, though, the following guidelines can be followed:

  8í Mini: Dorm room or one room apartment.
12í Mini: One bedroom apartment or condo.
16í Mini: Two bedroom apartment, condo or small home.
20í Mini: Three bedroom home or larger.
Q:If I fill up my Mini and need more space, can I get another one quickly?
A:Yes. Please call us as soon as you recognize the need and weíll schedule a delivery right away.
Q:If I live in a rural area away from the immediate GO MINIíS service area, can I still get a Mini?
A:In most cases, a Mini can be delivered to your door. An extra mileage fee will be charged for distance beyond 20 miles from the GO MINIíS location nearest you.
Q:Can I move in a Mini from one state to an adjacent state?
A:Most GO MINIíS Dealers are licensed for interstate moves, and can legally cross state lines.
Q:I like the idea and economy of moving with a Mini. But, if I donít want to pack and load myself, will GO MINIíS do it for me?
A:Many GO MINIíS Dealers offer packing and loading services. Others will refer you to someone who can do it for you.
Q:When I ask about GO MINIíS pricing, how do I know Iím getting the best deal?
A:GO MINIíS does not get involved in gimmick pricing. Discount coupons are sometimes offered with local promotions. Basic GO MINIíS pricing is straight forward and easy to understand. Youíll always be able to recognize the GO MINIíS value and know youíre getting a fair deal.